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I need to get me a nom de plume – Do I ?

February 19, 2008

Since I wrote the first post (5 hours to be precise! ) I have managed to wrangle 3 comments – not including the one from my cousin who claims to have posted it.Dear cousin by post I donot literally mean post as in put in an envelope and stamp it.

What I also got from the hoards of others (who by the way have not left the trail of been here-read that) was the warning that since i intend to write about work I better not let office folks read this.A big HA and a big SIGH!!!

1.People in my office will not read anything other than WSJ, The Eco Times or basically just about anything that helps them in making money.No I am not grudging them that.But with people in my office proclaiming “I have not taken a single day off in the last 2 years ” I can safely assume that they wont indulge in random surfing to hit on this link.
2.I have not mentioned Name, gender, Company etc etc.With thousands of traders in Mumbai I am safe.
P.S.- I donot think I will be able to verify the guy who claimed never to have taken a day off since I intend to take as many holidays as possible.
P.P.S- for the records I am NOT a gujarati or marwari!! God bless them.

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  1. sid permalink
    February 20, 2008 5:34 am

    man…ur blog is becoming an addiction now and is an addition to the few sites i visit more than a few times in my office!!..speaks volumes of the work am doing as well…to compare our office cultures i wud say that the diff is that here ppl are too busy to do anything except make money/ work for the company ;-)…keep goin..these are just brilliant seriously

  2. Anu permalink
    March 4, 2008 11:09 am

    Man I have such endless list too!! But I can imagin how you would have cribbed b4 putting it here -:)

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