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Explain this bit to me

March 4, 2008

Why is it that when it comes to what defines professional behaviour we seem to have clearly demarcated between what are typical ‘guy’ traits and ‘girl’ traits.

The trading floor has a very hectic, fast paced and often stressed out atmosphere , and when you can see the exact losses you are making (right down to the last paisa) you are excused the swear words and profanities that might( and very often than not does) come out.The trader needs to let it off his system and so its ok to swear- sometimes to no one in particular and often to the one immediately under him.

And donot mistake me for a prude- I have absolutely no compunction in using swear words myself.But what if my way of relieving tension is not to swear out loud but to ..well..ahem..shed a few tears.WHY IS THAT NOT OK?

Who made the rules and where was I or the likes of me.I know for a fact that I am not alone on this.

Is it because it is not professional?

What is : behenchod ? maderchod ? gaand maar dunga? you get the flow right.

My tears are also an outlet to my anger and not just a physical demonstration of my sad state of mind.I do cry when I am sad and that is when I expect you to pamper me and take me out for dinner.But when I am bursting with rage and cry then you can ,and you very well,leave me alone.You donot blink when the guy next to you is shouting out abuses ,do you? Well my tears are to me what those abuses are to the guy at that time. Very Important for our well being so we donot end up having heart attacks early on.

So let me shed a few pearl drops of tears when I see my bonus dwindling as I take one more wrong call on a stock.

Its just my way of saying “FUCK ME “…. and thank you and good night!

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  1. March 6, 2008 7:54 am

    Such a matter of fact post Konks! Cathartic, for I can completely relate to it (‘cept for the stock and its likes part, of course). Every time (read “twice”) I rush to the loo to escape discovery and come back with swollen eyes, my boss takes me to the conference room and racks my frontal lobe for hours (yes, it exceeds the minutes count) explaining how such behaviour is not apt for my position. And I try cram the same logic into his head.
    Tears got nothing to do with weakness! Its just that some of us are more expressive. He himself (such a HARI SADO he is) swears the most, infact!

    Keep it up Konks…its time the ones from Mars undergo some psychological evolution…if they really want to keep up with us! And you just know how to say it loud and clear! Good job!

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