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Freak Accidents and me

March 14, 2008

Its just the third month of the year and I had more than my usual share of excitement!

On the way to my grandma’s place our car hit a girl who decided the national highway is the best place to practice her sprints.I got the fright of my life and was relieved when the girl regained consciousness and started howling!!Had to get her admitted to a hospital with both legs broken.

On the way back just as I was about to enter my house, there was another accident as a scooterist lost control and fell.Since I was the first to reach the site I again had to deal with lots of blood ,the broken leg of the driver and the smashed nose of the pillion rider.

That was in January.

February : On the way back from office was stuck in a bad traffic jam (as usual) in a road under-going construction(again as usual),and just as my car inched forward there was a huge crash and when I turned back I saw a huge tree fall on the car rightbehind mine.I guess with all the drilling in the footpath the tree was slowly getting eased from its roots and thankfully decided to let go just as i crossed.Me safe again.

Come to think of it -of all the innumerable accidents happening to me I manage to get away with a scratch or worst a couple of stitches.Years back when I got my first job I had to shop for formal clothes and on the way had an auto accident and hit myself on the auto meter.And I went to office with a huge bandage right next to my eye.So much for first impressions!

Last year again on the way to office in Mumbai the front wheel of the auto just came out-in the middle of a busy highway.The auto managed to spin around a couple of time and the driver smashed his head against the pane.Thankfully nothing happened to me.

Thanks to a bike accident in college my right index fiinger is pretty much useless. The one riding the bike had a worse story.

When we went to a hill station I forced my friend to get onto a horse so we both could go down the trail on horses.Two horses to choose from and unfortunately she picked the wrong horse as it went crazy after sometime and threw her off on a sharp rock.My friend broke her spinal cord and was hospitalised for three months.

AND THIS HAPPENED TODAY- reason for the post! 😛

Was walking with my colleagues on the Marine Drive when out of nowhere two crows swooped down on me and now I have a scratch all the way from my left eye to my temple.It could have been the beak or the claws or the wings ,I have no freaking clue. What are the chances of being attacked by crows while you step out for a small break?

This freak episode prompted my usual pragmatic mother to say that she is checking up my horoscope.

BTW,I hope I am not tempting fate by harping on the fact that I manage to get away relatively unharmed.Here I would prefer to be the bride’s maid and never the bride.


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  1. sid permalink
    March 15, 2008 1:11 pm

    i think i hv enough data points to build a time series model ;-)….some of these cud hv been very serious…glad too that u hv been the bride’s maid so far…and now..if our friend reads this and correlates this to the horse riding incident then she wont be hanging out with us nymore for sure..sorry for using the stats words…had a working saturday 😦

  2. April 1, 2008 10:09 am

    Simply bizzarre!!

    Do I get a hint that we steer clear from you? 😛

    Take care 🙂

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