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Not in praise of Idleness

March 15, 2008

What is this latest fad about berating the old school of ..umm..schooling?? Going by the rantings I would guess nobody had fun in school , and nobody really cared much for the educational system. What set me thinking was this post by my sister.Yes the same one mentioned in one of my earlier posts.As you could have guessed by now we were as different as chalk from cheese.As she herself mentions she was the typical “topper through school” ,she sailed through it rather and also excelled in sports and arts and you mention it – the perfect product of the perfect educational system ,or so one would think.And isnt it ironical that when it comes to her own daughter she is wary of making her go through the entire ordeal. Actually what I find funny is that most of these anti-establishment arguments I have heard are from people who have been ideal students themselves.I donot mean just the nerds.

My sister has this question :”What does formal schooling contribute to a child’s development? Does it help him or her somehow be better equipped for the world?” Most people say schools make kids slog when they should be having fun ,make kids cram when they ought to be indulging in fine arts and sports and the like.Infact as always I miss the first phase of these revolutions (read earlier post on feminism) and it seems that the New Age parents are now demanding that kids be allowed time to goof away, to dream.No more organised fun ,no more organised extra curriculars etc etc.That kids be taught things like values and judgement (not to be equated with Moral Science classes).

Well now hear it from my end (unfortunately I am not the other end of the spectrum.I never really did flunk any exam and neither did I indulge in any of those extra-curricular activities.

Donot get me wrong.I am all for a big overhaul of the system -but I am sure it must have done some good.After somehow managing to drag myself through graduation and masters I did somehow manage to get myself a decent enough job Once in I realised that after years and years and years of not using my brains or not even coming close to slogging it out I have entered that zone where I am just not being able to push myself to work hard.And that is where all the hard working able students shine .These people have been indoctrinated into hard work-its not a big deal for them to put in long hours for weeks or months on end.Whereas my poor body,soul and brain just tires out in a matter of few hours.

What the new parents are worried that their kids will have to go through the same drudgery is exactly what they need- an early dose of whats to come later on

Basically to save my kid from the same trauma I will make sure that he/she goes to a strict school where they make the students realise that life is not all about fun and you cannot always choose what you want to do.He/she will have to slog slog and slog some more .I will make sure that bugger is good with numbers even if i have to steal some genes for that .Like hell I will pay astronomical fees to some New age fundoo school only to have the kid doodling and lazing around.Remember that kid’s mother has done her doctorate in it and can very welll teach those topics at home.

My child will be a hard working diligent unhappy child but atleast he will be prepared for ‘LIFE”!

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  1. Shahana permalink
    March 18, 2008 3:54 pm

    I was here.
    I loved your posts.
    And I am leaving behind a thought :
    Hmmm…so you will preach what you did not practise?

  2. lostonthestreet permalink
    March 19, 2008 1:31 pm

    @ Shahana :Absofuckinglutely!!!

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