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Incredible India! Incredibly racist

March 23, 2008

Will not bore you with usual details about Goa.Check it up on google.Anyway here are the highlights of the trip

Edited to add :Actual highlights of the trip on the next post! This is just a digression which became as big as my usual posts!! 🙂

Our flight was a early morning one so we reached Goa at around 6,sleepy and tired.And before I have my feet on the ground Sid goes ahead and books a taxi for 900 bucks!!! The flight ticket was around 1500.Since I pretend to be the seasoned traveller I cursed myself for letting him go alone and gave him the coldest stare.And the funniest was that after paying 900 we got onto a simple Indica and almost reached the exit of the airport when the driver checked our ticket again ,turned back and this time we were whisked to a brand new SX4.I was beyond care now.

Oh and I lost my sunglasses in the Mumbai airport 😦

We had booked at Chalston Resort ,Goa

which is run by the racist pig Mr.Chalston himself (Somebody please tell me how to ensure that the next time someone googles Chalston they land up on this review!!)

Its a nice resort ,with its own private beach and sun deck etc etc but nowhere does it have the friendliness and hospitality you would expect from a guy running a resort in Goa.Very subtly racist- a warm hi to the white skins and a formidable hello to us.Walking up to the tables of the whites and ignoring us.Not that I personally prefer over friendly managers ,but you get my point? That dickhead had his head so up the white arse that he must have no clue about stuff like dollar falling/rupee rising and Great Indian Middle Class spending like never before. I was so pissed off that I actually planned to ..well..piss in the pool ,but Sid sternly stopped me there -half because he is a well mannered boy and half because he was in the pool with me!!

Another episode of racism- and this time not very subtle.We were bargaining for the dolphin cruise and Sid decided that we will ask a few other tour guides and decide on one.So he asked one guide for his number and that bastard’s exact words were “Sorry ,we donot give numbers to Indians ,only foreigners please”and he actually had the audacity to grin as he was saying this.I didnt even bother to argue and started my scooter immediately ,when Sid asked him “Aren’t you an Indian?” and the reply-“No I am a Goan “?????!! Wow!! No you are a sick stinking lowly ass-licker ,a poor excuse for a human being.

I immediately had this sense of deja vu- around 4 years back me and my then college boyfriend were travelling – a lot (ah!! those heady carefree college days !).He was a Canadian (white,light hair and light eyed) and I was the dark skinned Indian.Needless to say I got my share of stares from the receptionists to the waiters and tour guides.The icing on the cake was when we stayed at Park Guest House ,Pondicherry

which is run by the Aurobindo Ashram .The website says ” Many guest houses are selective and prefer a personal introduction before giving reservations.” Well my personal experience was that they immediately checked in my ex BUT i was the one who had to show my I-Card!!@#@$@ Since we checked in late at night we had no option but to stay there inspite of my fuming and frothing.Each of the rooms there had a picture of the Amma who supposedly looks down on sex and such like sin (the manual they handed us had mentioned no alchohol,cigarretes,drugs and immoral activities) and hence the double rooms had 2 single beds separated by a very heavy night-stand.Needless to say my ex had to heave heavy furntiture-more to spite the Amma than anything 😉

Come to think of it I think some amount of racism exists even among people like us Before I went to Goa my helpful colleagues who have been there many times before did give me a few tips, but lines like “Stay in South Goa,its quiet and posh ,You wont find many Indians there only foreigners!! ” only shows how deeply ingrained this whole ‘white man’s burden’ is on the Indian Psyche! So deep that I will decide an itinerary of a place a few hundred kilometers from where I stay based on where some French/German/Israeli decides to go.Chances are that he himself must have just read about it either from Lonely Planet,Footprints or Rough Guide.

Actually this was supposed to more about my recent trip to Goa but I guess that will have to be another post- you cannot mix the pleasant memories with the bitter raging ones!

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  1. March 25, 2008 9:49 am

    I heard someone tell me that indians tend to be the biggest racists…..i do believe he had a point. This sort of thing does happen..and i have seen it myself at a couple of places..

  2. March 25, 2008 9:51 am

    You should also try putting your comments on charlton on sites like expedia, lonelyplanet etc..

  3. Anu permalink
    March 26, 2008 3:25 pm

    Mani is right, give a search on google for Charlton, checks sites where it is listed and put your comments on those sites mostly you need to just sign up. We met some idiots in Egypt and I made sure to go to from where we did bookings and gave very bad rating there -:)

  4. Anu permalink
    March 26, 2008 3:26 pm

    Just remembered you can write on the Lonely planet’s thorn tree travel page, lots of people check it before visiting any place

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