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If you want something done…

April 3, 2008

give it to a busy man (Lucille Ball)

Or ,the busy person always has time for all. I have noticed this throughout my college and work life that there are a certain breed of people who are always busy.Ask them for anything:drink ,coffee,walk,movie and the response inevitably is always ‘Man am so busy’.Now take me for example :I have never been so busy ever in my life to ever refuse a drink invitation or coffee or generally goofing away.My initial reaction was that they have such an active life that they donot have time for such inane things .But when I actually turn around to see how they lead any normal day I donot see them indulging in any more activities than I do.Infact some of the so called busiest friends I had are the ones to lead the most boring lives.I think,well I know for a fact that I partied more,travelled more, was actively involved in more clubs and of course went on more dates(ahem ahem!! those glorious days) than them.Infact some of the actually active people I met are the ones who always have time for something more.

And thus I come to the conclusion those people are extremely bad at time management.Funnily even now when I have a 12 hour job plus work on weekends I have time to respond to a phone call or a 5 minute quick chat online or meet up over the weekend. And the people who respond (girls and guys alike) are actually the ones who I know for a fact are leading an equally active life.

Or maybe they are just avoiding my company and I have being ignorant all the while (Oh shit is that the case?!)

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  1. rashakalnikov permalink
    April 11, 2008 8:18 am

    my invaluable comments for this post got posted on the last entry….pls refer there…i do not have time , else would have done it myself…

  2. lostonthestreet permalink
    April 12, 2008 5:47 am

    @ rashakalnikov :where? 🙂

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