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I donot want a comment..

April 23, 2008

…on my dress when I am getting ready to leave for a party and am locking the door and am running late and its too late for me to do anything(bad comment that is,flattery is always welcome)

…when i am cribbing and crying about my office (spare those helpful comments that is)

..on the way I walk and slouch my shoulders ( thats the way the Good Lord made me and I am sure He has a reason for when all the men in this world die it will be easier for me to find a gorrilla who walks and slouches the way I do)

BUT I donot mind comments on my blog :-)Pretty sad I am no?

Or maybe I can be like the guy who is buying people beer for every comment

Or maybe I can hunt down a few popular blogs and leave random comments there in the hope of diverting traffic.(No I so DONOT mean your blog, those are of course know who you are right?)

Or maybe I can go down to writing one more post.

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  1. sid permalink
    April 23, 2008 5:48 pm

    good one :-)…whom r u hinting at in the 3rd para.

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