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Crib Alert:boring rambling post ahead

April 28, 2008

So my niece has gone back- leaving behind many a broken heart in our extended family.Its sad that I will be seeing her only after a year-by which time she will be a toddler and I wont get the baby smell from her 😦 .She will come back with full sentences and will hopefully be able to call me ‘mahi'(assamese for mom’s younger sister).Actually I have no idea what kids at the age of 2 are capable of.As for me I was a late starter as usual and could only form sentences when I was 3.

What use is family if you can meet them only once a year? boo hoo.

Funny things have been happening in office.Last time I go on a leave the book I was running was closed from not just our team but almost the entire floor.Then I was asked to switch to value investing and take fundamental calls on the media and hotel industry in India.The other options were Oil and Gas ,and Cement .I would rather pick a sector I can visualise and feel for.Cement ,oil,gas are better left for the gujjus in the team :-)Anyway it also helped that the two sectors I picked had only a couple of major players (Indian Hotel-aka the Taj, Hotel Leela and East India hotels aka the Oberois.

I had to pick up from the basics -ratios and valuations. This and this are a couple of good sites

Of course I sat on the reports for a good half a month (thats the good thing about fundamental analysis and research you can always pretend to be working on something) and then went on a holiday.When I come back I see that those two sectors have been taken away from our team and NOW I am supposed to work (with another colleague )on technical analysis
which is a diametrically opposite style of trading w.So I have to start with the basics again. And oh I also had to look at the Banking and Financial Sector (and since it is a huge sector my boss will help me on it)

So apparently I was working on two projects .HA.My team mate who is a junior but infintely smarter than me is handling the technical analysis bit so well that I neednt confuse him with my presence.Plus I reaaaaally hated that work.And my manager asks me updates in the meetings ?????? As for the Banking sector ,I have no clue ,my boss handles that.

Is this a subtle way of firing people? Could be.And when I confront him he said wants 1-2 weeks to decide on a suitable role for me,now that I was promoted.Atleast now its clear between the two of us that I am jobless for 2 weeks ,and I gleefuly take the monday off!!!

It indeed is a weird world where you can twist your incompetencies to actually leverage your career!! Boy I am out of this asap.

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