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Recipe for Perfect happiness

May 4, 2008

My new poison

1. A warm sunny morning

2.A cup of black tea(brewed to perfection,not too strong not too light,a shade darker than whiskey)

3.Lobo in the background

3.Flipping through the sunday editions,comics and more comics and crosswords

4.Cuddling upto partner.

5.Cuddling more (censored)

6.Gotta post this, get laptop.

7. Net down.Apparently my laptop wont pick up connection in the bedroom, damn router barely hundred feet away.But picks every other connection in the building.

URGHGHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH@#$#@$@#$@#%#%@@# (censored again)

Just when I thought my life can have moments of perfect bliss !!!

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  1. sid permalink
    May 4, 2008 10:31 am

    i totally agree with this idea of perfect happiness…only if the morning starts a bit later on a sunday and NOT 8!!!

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