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Rejoinder to earlier post

July 1, 2008

First of all, responses to my earlier post on North east (vs rest of India).

@ hailinsanity : I will beg to differ on the point you made about people living off somebody. We can’t expect sympathy by shouting from the rooftops that we are exploited .When the fact of the matter is that. somebody traveresed the whole breadth of the country , and was smart enought to recognise a business opportunity and set up shop in our “Xunor Oxom” (translation :Golden Assam) when we were too lazy to do that.:-)

@ sid : I hope my boss doesn’t see this post.Atleast not for the next 3 months that I plan to be in this office 😉

@ Galadriel – My boss, alas, also needs lessons on Power Point,Excel,Word,Adobe- the whole package,rather Office version 2007

@~nm – I couldn’t believe he actually said that.But he did 😦

@Hrishikesh – Even I get that too, the being too sensitive bit.What gall I tell you.Nowadays I just go ahead and crack the worst racist joke demeaning that person’s community.I know it makes me as bad as them,but hey they started it!!!psst,my punctuation sucks anyways!!

@ SM – Yes economic power might help, but then doesn’t mean one can go about passing random rude comments,Can I get your friend’s discussion paper online? would love to read it.

@ rayshma- My mom makes kick-ass momos, FYI. Want the recipe? 🙂

@ Kausiki- What, you want me fired?

@ Pinku- Normally I would take it to heart and THEN REPLY BACK.Only thing is this time I couldn’t, as it came from a person who obviously had the upper-hand in power politics.I did feel like I had let down all the ULFA cadres who died for the cause of our separate motherland 🙂

@ Jerusha – “Far from using his brains “.ha. I bet concepts like being “politically correct” doesn’t even exist for him.. 🙂

@ Notunma – So time to go on another month long trek into the heart of North-East? Freeze to death while pitching filmsy tents on top of some mountain where the full force of the cold mountain wind hits you head on ? and almost puking on yak milk the next morning?. :-)Bring it on.

/***********end of comments*******************************/

Just after I wrote the same post, hailinsanity did my tag on favourite literary characters, where she writes “..I have read Assamese literature extensively, also exhaustively, and English and Bengali literature partially. There are numerous characters close to my heart. But there is no point in mentioning all of them here, as most come from regional literature.

This bought me down to earth immediately .My list did not have even one single character from Assamese literature. And that of course is because my readings in my own mother tongue is limited to the text books.Was actually.Its been years since I actually read anything in Assamese.Correction. FYI, hailinsanity is also a national award winning poet , a published author and the last book I read in Assamese was her book which she had sent to me last year. And if I need to feel any more guilty, my dad himself is a published author who has written scores of books, newspaper columns ,in Assamese.

And all I can do is get bugged when some asshole makes a disparaging comment on my community.And rant about it under the cloak of anonymity in the Blog world.

Also in line with what Notunma had to say.How much of the North Eastern culture do I myself know?

Major soul searching now.

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  1. July 1, 2008 6:02 pm

    YES plz! me want recipe.
    umm.. even better… can u send me some? 🙂
    i promise to comment on every post if u do! 🙂

  2. Galadriel permalink
    July 1, 2008 7:41 pm

    Relax babe. It so happens that we all need lessons in learning about our culture. The only reason you feel victimized is because there are people in “mainstream” India who at least know enough about south India to make fun of us.
    Btw, I know a spot of Office myself, should I tutor your boss? 😛

  3. July 1, 2008 9:09 pm

    oh honey!! I feel like we all learn something new everyday. As long as we are learning .. I think we are good.


  4. July 2, 2008 10:05 am

    Hey! My comment is accompanied by a confession if you have missed that… It says, “i am sorry becoz i have just made a politically incorrect statement, but at least i have the courtesy to accept this…” 🙂

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