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August 29, 2008

Is anyone still around ? For the record I didnt quit.I just took a 20 day vacation.

Or as my friend asked me “Have you gone underground?” Not quite.

Anyway, things have been going just OK.Nothing much to write about.Except that people around me are getting married like its going out of fashion!!!! And I hold the proud record of not attending a single wedding of any of my friends.But I make sure they invite me.Don’t ask me why.In fact my mom attended a couple of my school friends’ weddings back home in Assam.So next couple of months will be theoretically packed for me.And I will write about all that  I didn’t do and didn’t wear and didn’t eat at those weddings.But I would love to go for a Punjabi wedding or any North Indian wedding (same difference? 🙂 . <Big hint to all you readers> I just want to know if all the pomp and splendor shown in Bollywood is for real.All those marigolds and people decked in colours of the rainbow and people singing and dancing. Maybe their funerals have much more fanfare than our Assamese weddings.For starters our bridal attire, ‘mekhela chaddor‘  traditionally has been white and embroidered with golden thread,none of the multi coloured hues of a lehenga.


Reason 101 I hate Facebook

Finally I got the hang of Facebook with its gazillion applications and realised I needed to atleast put some info on my profile,which till then only stated my relationship status.Quite expectedly I got bored midway and instead decided to erase that one bit of crucial info too and unknowing to me this is what Facebook has decided to declare to the whole world :

“L.O.T.S. is no longer listed as in a relationship.” Wow I am not allowed to edit my profile without Facebook jumping the gun.I mean this is worse than the the  lame high school girl spreading rumours!!!!!

Edited to Add :People ,please stop asking me,as discreetly as some of you have been, about my relationship status.Its all fine :-)Atleast something in my life is.There I jinxed it ,didn’t I?

And what else.Hmm.To all those who think Sex and the City is all about womens’ liberation, please watch Monalisa Smile (yeah just watched it today).Infact Sex and….took womens’ liberation back by 100 years.It ain’t a happy ending till its a wedded ending???? Single women indulging in wanton sex will end up as depressive nut cases,while those setting aside their egos to marry a guy who dumped them at the altar is the key to lifelong happiness? I see.


And guess who is  coming back to India,Yipeee!!!

(This was before she was hardened by the ravages of nature thanks to her nature loving,camping and hiking mom)

(And now the monkey is happily powdering herself with ash on a campsite)

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  1. Galadriel permalink
    August 30, 2008 1:55 am

    haha.. fb does make a lot of decisions for you doesn’t it? esp the broken heart symbol next to your profile update.. 😛

  2. uNo permalink
    September 13, 2008 1:26 am

    Wow…I watched Sex and The City today. Your views how misinterpreted the storyline is by so many people. I like!:)


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