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The kind of shopping I like..

October 1, 2008

These have been the recent additions to my library.

The only one I have finished till now is “Stick to cartoons, Monkey Brain” and  I was a tad disappointed with this non-Dilbert book of Scott Adams.It was definitely not a laugh-a-line book like the other three Scott Adams books that I have read till now.In fact it was more like a blog. 😉

I have started reading Such a long Journey and I feel, no I am positive,that by the end of this book, Rohinton Mistry will dislodge Amitav Ghosh to become my favourite Indian writer. I have till now read ‘A Fine Balance‘,’Family Matters’, and Tales From Firozsha Baag‘ and have since been recommending them to everyone.

But then I am yet to start with the Sea of Poppies.Amitav Ghosh will always be a personal favourite because of Calcutta Chromosome. The character of Tridib is one of the most endearing fictional character for me.The fact that I bought a hard cover shows in what high esteem  I hold Amitav Ghosh. Or that I couldn’t wait any longer ,especially after the Booker nomination.

Notice how I ignore the other two books. Principles of Corporate Finance is something I have to read and hence I am pretty sure it will be soon be collecting dust. As for The New New Thing, well, I got it for a steal.. I guess not many are buying books on finance now!! .I can only hope it is as good as the Liar’s Poker.

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  1. October 1, 2008 12:37 pm

    Tales from Firozsha Baag is one of my favorites too.. did I read it when I was vegetating at your house last year?
    Me : Yups.If your daughter grows up to be an intellectual you have only me to thank.

  2. October 1, 2008 2:36 pm

    Rohinton Mistry is my absolute favourite. But whenever I read his books, I get a very bad case of the blues.
    Me : Yes , one tends to get engulfed in the entire community he creates as he takes you through their trials and tribulations

  3. Anu permalink
    October 1, 2008 9:22 pm

    Ohh you got sea of poppies already I was waiting for its prize to come down on amazon -:(

    Books like ‘Principles of Corporate Finance’ are going to collect dust for sure in incase I buy those !
    mE : Forgot to mention , that was a gift from Sid! 🙂

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