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And then there were none..

November 16, 2008

“India’s Leftist Parties Hope to Gain Followers Amid the Financial Crisis”

Says an article on WSJ.

Why am I not surprised.Witnessing the current scenes in the office makes me want to go back to JNU, don a Che Guevara T shirt and shout “ Comrade XX ko Lal Salaam, Lal Salaam “.Maybe I over react to things, maybe I am a bit too”soft”  , so be it.So last week a friend of mine was asked to leave .To vacate the office premises within 2 hours .As a colleague I can vouch for her sincerity ,dedication and her hardwork. May I add that my colleague is from the premier MBA school in India,the one in Ahmadabad.Last week she got a mail from her client who nominated her for Best Institutional Salesperson award ( not the exact


And the reason given for her termination was – “Non-Performance”. Wow.Seriously WOW.

I understand when a company has to lay off people in times of distress,but certainly there are better ways of doing it..And boy, have they managed to pick the most cowardly way.One team has been told that 30 of them would be laid off in a span of a week.BUT, and here comes the twist,not ALL ON THE SAME DAY. So ,everyday these poor guys come to office knowing it is the last day for atleast 5 of them. I hope you guys believe me- its hard to make up such things.

Anyone dare suggest such unthinkable options, like maybe, pay cuts for the top execs ?Laughable indeed.The guys fired in batches of 5 are all junior associates who are taking home a pay package of not more than  2 lakhs.You work out the math.

And for the record, the article on leftist parties is not to be taken seriously.Just as the Leftist movement in India is not to be taken seriously.I say that with some authority as I did my Masters from the last standing bastion of the Lefts- JNU. They just don’t know when to stop the rhetoric.

“Even the party faithful concede that a revolution isn’t in the cards. “We cannot take up all the industries run by [the private sector] overnight,” said Mr. Kali Ghose , the general secretary of the Center of Indian Trade Unions. But, he adds, “The capitalist system has to go and it will go eventually. That is our task.”

“”There is a nonleft audience that is more receptive now to what we say,” said Prakash Karat, general secretary of the CPIM, in an interview. For instance, he said, the threat of unemployment as India’s economic growth slows means young middle-class Indians have learned a lesson: “unionize or perish.””

Unionize or Perish? I sure do hope there is a saner middle path.

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  1. November 17, 2008 1:15 pm

    Ya, citing incompetence as the reason for laying off people during recession has become the norm now. I don’t understand why companies do that though! Is there a law that prohibits companies from firing people during recession? Not as far as I know. So why do this to your employees? The least they can do is to let go of them with dignity.

    About the left, my only problem with them is that they just keep shouting slogans and *protesting* something or the other. I have never seen them (generalizing of course) do anything constructive. When they were in power, they were the ones answerable and they were the ones who should’ve been providing solutions. Instead they were always sitting on the other side, shouting slogans against anything that the govt or opposition said.

  2. Anu permalink
    November 20, 2008 5:06 pm

    Ever since this credit crises started am thinking why can’t the companies come up with something like this. Cut pay across all levels instead of lay off and the more senior the person there are more chances that he/she contributed to the crises so pay cut should be more for senior people and less for lower level employees. Anyway people like CEOs who actually created this situation has little to loose !

    About the left, the people who contributed to crises are still better than left since they were atleast working not sitting on their butts shouting, and opposing every step towards progress.
    Me : i believe some CEOs have deigned to come down from the pedestal and are not awarding themselves big bonuses

  3. November 21, 2008 6:26 pm

    Babe….i come from the last standing bastion of the Left….and trust me I have witnessed the changes, damn slow nonetheless. Maybe we’ve procrastinated enough. Maybe its time for a new ideology. At least hear them out.
    When everything else fails, maybe Hitler can resurrect the economy.
    Me : I would rather live in the historic barter times than under the Reds.

  4. November 22, 2008 9:00 pm

    @Anu – the problem is that its mostly the top execs who make the decisions – both which lead up to the ‘situation’ and the cuts etc. which follow!!!

    its depressing but true…and its all around. I am just surprised that its hitting india this bad…didnt see that coming.
    Me : We are mere pawns in this game

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