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The road less taken

March 22, 2009

And if my earlier posts on the topic were not enough, watch this movie to rethink your marriage plans.If you are like me. Selfish and simply unable to fall in , what my dear friend N says, “crazylove” with anybody else other than yourself.And especially if you are at the stage where I am. People lose track of their life plans,temporarily. Me? I seem to have misplaced my original fucking blue print.So what was it that I wanted out of life? Not asking what I wanted to do.But what I wanted out of it.I have conveniently forgotten my dreams.

And very slowly my temporary plans have become my life.After all weren’t the past four years just meant to be …’a passing phase’?

And when Frank was asked why he is planning to go to Paris he said he wanted to leave this place of helplessness. Ironically the only man who understood him was the one was in a mental institution. – “It takes a wise man to see helplessness, but a brave man to admit this sense of helplessness”. And even a braver one to act on it.I would have loved the movie more if Kate would have committed suicide ,instead of dying of a DIY abortion.

P.S. Assuming everyone has seen the movie by now . Else ,oops! that was a spoiler above.

P.P.S – Wow,the above post made no sense,even to me.But I am publishing it anyway to say I am back, cramped wrist or not.

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