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Absence of leave

April 30, 2009

According to National Suisse, if you are well enough to be on facebook, welll, you are well enough to be in office!!!

An employee was fired after she was spotted using Facebook , on the same day she took an off claiming to be suffering from Migraine and hence unable to work in front of the computer!!

Just bad luck. I personally think the best time to be in office is when you are really really sick. So sick that you sneeze and hack and cough and spit( well maybe not that) in front of colleagues and boss till they beg you to go home. Irritating colleagues and boss will leave you alone to do your net surfing , and once done you can leave by 3 ,after all they asked you to!! And your boss has mentally written you off for next day.You win brownie points for showing up when you were sick…

Like I am sick right now, but its not so much fun since there is no place to take leave from 😦

Red Herring : Please read through blogger’s profile and employment history carefully before taking action.


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