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Apt movie for the times

January 5, 2009

Office Space.

I am watching it now on Star Movies

Especially the way the Boss slurps his coffee and say “ummm..I am sooorrry I might have to disagree with you on that point!!!!!!!!!!!!! “.

Oh Go ahead and say it out YOU FUCKHEADS!!! Dont be such a pussy!! what I write on my blog.In real life, I just bunk office like I did today!! Yessir, I am having my own non-cooperation movement going here,except they donot know about it. They donot even know I exist.

And I will make sure I take my Red Stapler with me.

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  1. January 8, 2009 3:22 am

    🙂 That’s a nice watch. I really liked it when they beat the office printer up, the irritation at the boss extending the “yeaaaaaaaah”, the way he later shows up at work. Overall a very cool movie, a must watch for all those who spend their lives tied to tethers in their cubicles.

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